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Open end timing belts
Our open end timing belts are manufactured with the body in thermoplastic polyurethane with excellent wear resistance and with high tensile strength steel cords or [email protected] A special polyamide fabric on the teeth (base on request) reduces the coefficient of friction, reduces noise and improves the tooth engagement. Open end timing beats are produced as standard in white color. On demand it is possible to deliver belts in different color.

Joineted endless timing belt
Depends on different requirements,open end timing bels can be jointed in any length.

Truly endless timing belts
Our company offer truly endless timing belt with high strength steel cords or kevlar®cords in high wear, abrasion, and tear resistance polyurethane. Having no splice or welding, the belts have no weak cross section. Truly endless timing belts are, therefore, ideal for high speed power transmission and high load conveying applications. AT20 truly endless timing belt ,which are coated APL or rubber on back , are used widely in ceramic industry. AT20 coated APL is a perfect product for high temperature appliction. With our special technics, the belt and APL are never separated(up to 100℃ thermal resistance of APL). it gains good reputation by our customers.

Extra wide T10
The need for extra wide timing belts continues to increase. Foshan Timing Transmission Machinery CO., LTD. is proud to offer extra wide timing belts up to 500mm. Extra wide polyurethane timing belts can be used in synchronous conveying provide dramatically higher production speed. We experientially supply extra wide timing belts for tire industry,food processing industry, slaughter industry, textile industry, tobacco machinery, wood working machinery, airport transportation equipment, medical machinery, ceramic machinery.

Product features
  • ·High strength Kevlar®cord construction
  • ·Parallel cord construction
      No cords exposed at edges of belt
      Better tracking
      Uniform tensioning
  • ·Nylon back and nylon tooth surface options available for quieter operation, static electricity resistant and reduced friction.
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