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Belt Series
Foshan Timing Transmission Machinery CO., LTD. was founded in Foshan Guangdong in 2000. We exclusively produced high quality thermoplastic polyu rethane timing belt products. Nowadays,our company has grown to become the leading timing belt manufactory in the world,with one of the most diverse production lines in timing belt industry. Our company manufactures timing belts for linear motion, conveying and power transmission applications. The combination of a polyurethane body reinforced with special steel cords or Kevlar®cords, makes the belt to fulfill optimal performances on all type of industrial applications.
PU timing belt
Open end timing belt
Joinetd endless timing belt
Truly endless timing belts
Extra wide T10
PPJ System Jointed bel
Jointed Timing Belt
AT20 Flex Timing Belt 
STD8M   PU Open Ended 
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